About the School


The George W. Munroe Elementary Staff believes that each individual should be accepted into the educational program as they are, that they shall be provided with a stimulating environment and opportunities for learning experiences designed to promote behavioral changes that will affect continuing satisfactory adjustments to life. Our school and community will educate and inspire our students through exceptional learning opportunities.

Our first priority is student achievement. To accomplish this, we envision: A true partnership including parents, students, staff, the Board of Education and community resources; A well-equipped, qualified staff that puts students first, exhibits strong leadership, a passion for learning, and a commitment to success for each student; A curriculum based on research and best practices that allows students to demonstrate knowledge through a variety of activities; And an exceptional facilities providing safe and developmentally appropriate environments that allow for short and long-term growth. 


We envision our school to be exemplary in the following areas:

Student Performance: All students will progress towards master of the New  Generation State Standards.

Staff:   Staff will ensure student’s growth and development through helping to create an environment in which all staff members work collaboratively respect each other and their profession, maintain a positive attitude, and always put students first.

Facilities, Support, and Instructional Resources: Our surroundings will be safe, technology rich, and able to support diversity.

Parent and Community Involvement: A collaborative team (which includes: PTA and SAC) whose members fully understand how their involvement positively impacts students. 


George W. Munroe Elementary School faculty and staff work cooperatively and collaboratively with students, parents and community. We will set high expectations and create a positive learning environment for students, faculty and staff in order to enhance performance and promote development of critical skills.   Students will be provided a challenging curriculum in a clean, safe, non-threatening and drug free environment.    High-quality staff, innovative and research-based strategies, as well as the use of modern technology will be a key in the delivery of instruction.

School Facts

George W. Munroe Elementary School was built in 1956. At that time it was a 1st through 6th grade school. It consisted of an office, cafetorium, and 3 wings of classrooms. The classroom by the bus ramp was the library at that time.  The school was attended by only Caucasian students. It had a 5th-6th grade band and a Bible teacher came out everyday to teach Bible classes.

In 1971 the school was segregated, but still predominately white. At this time a kindergarten pod and media center was added. The cafetorium was also enlarged to accommodate the increase in population.

1993 brought more changes with the addition of the pre-kindergarten, ESE, and Office wing. At this time the population was predominately African-American and brought the beginning of the ESOL population. George Munroe has not made anymore structural changes since this change. The population is now about 85% African-American, 15% Hispanic, and less than 1% Caucasian.  We are also a Title I school with the majority of the population on free or reduced price lunch. 

George W. Munroe prides itself on having a diverse student, faculty, and staff population.  Educators at George W. Munroe are highly qualified to offer students a quality education. Educators at George W. Munroe promote life long learning and critical thinking, simultaneously.