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Kimberlyn Moultrie Staff Photo

This Week`s Review 

What are we learning this week? 

December 9-13, 2019

Reading/ ELA

- letters with soft c sound (c,g)

- long a sound

- verbs and time

- singular and plural 

- genre: biography (a story about someone's life)

- cause and effect

-fantasy genre: a story that cannot happen in real life


Daily Practice

- Handwriting

- Fluency reading 




Spelling Words 

  1. four
  2. over
  3. two
  4. five
  5. watch
  6. into
  7. three
  8. starts

Vocabulary Words (uni- = one)

  • unicorn
  • unicycle
  • uniform
  • unison
  • unit
  • universe 


-Make 10 to subtract

  • reading equations
  • understanding ten frames
  • solve addition and subtraction problems
  • recognize teen numbers 

Math Words: numbers, addends, teen numbers, ten frame, difference, equation, equal sign


Social Studies

Why is it good to have rules and laws?


How do animals communicate?